E-Flex // Easy Flexitank

 Designed for transportation of liquids in 20ft containers
Advanced technology that replaces the bulkheads with integrated harnessing
Does not require bulkhead, prevents container damages with no sidewall pressure
Easy fitting in 3 minutes only, Easy Flexitank
Container Owners Association and Association of American Railroads test certifications

Features & Advantages

The first and only flexitank that;
Does Not require bulkhead
Does Not require special fitting equipment
Does Not exert pressure to the side walls of the container
Patented, harnessed, wave breaking design
Patented bonnet protection around the valve as a secondary security and hygiene
Dual Flexitank
Possibility to load two different products with two seperate compartments in a single flexitank

Fitting by two people in three minutes only
Removes the pressure on the side walls of the container. Relaxed selection criteria, expanding the range of usable containers
Low Residue
Environmental Friendly
Elimination of bulkhead to reduce the carbon emission
Carbon Foot Print 40% less than conventional flexitanks
No need for wood, steel, polystyrene or other plastics used as a bulkhead system

Easy recycling
27,000 litre capacity version provides significant savings for transportation of products such as base oils, lubricants and all edible oils including olive oil, soy bean oil, sunflower oil
Technical Information
12,000 to 27,000 litres
Bottom Valve
Camlock  2’’ or 3’’
Temperature tolerance:
-30°C up to + 70°C
Multilayer design
Container Owners Association
Rail Impact Test  2.38G 19% higher safety result than the industry standard
Food approved raw materials
Clean room production
Air release system
EVOH – Oxygen Barrier (especially for wine if required)
Aluminum Aseptic Barrier
Gamma Sterilization
Not applicable for hazardous cargos
E-Flex // Easy Flexitank