R-Flex 40ft // Reefer Flexitank

Designed for transportation of liquids
in 40ft reefer containers 

The first and only Monobloc (one piece) flexitank available for 40' reefer containers
Door to door logistic service exclusively CMA-CGM reefer fleet, available worldwide
Patented, robust, wave breaking design providing a stabilized load

Features & Advantages

Designed for commodities that require temperature control such as juices and milk

The first and only flexitank; monobloc (one piece) structure harnessed, wave breaking design

Applicable for all kind of 40ft reefer containers and reefer trucks

No need to go inside the container to load or discharge, in line with health and safety standards

Extreme labor cost saving from packaging, filling, handling, empty packaging storage 

No inventory for empty packaging (Drums/Bins/IBCs)

No rigid bulkhead, does Not require special fitting equipment

No side wall pressure

Less packaging tara, more cargo… 

Up to 11% (2100kg)/container more cargo vs metal drums

Up to 3.5% (700kg)/container more cargo vs plastic drums

Up to 6% (1250kg)/container more cargo vs IBCs

Low Residue

Environmental Friendly

Carbon Foot Print 40% less than road tankers, 90% less than IBC and drums

Easy recycling
Technical Information
Volume: 12,000 to 26,000 litres

Bottom Valve Camlock 2" or 3"

Temperature tolerance: -30°C up to + 70°C

Multilayer design

Container Owners Association Rail Impact Test for 40ft containers 2.60G

higher safety result than the industry standard

Food approved raw materials

Clean room production

Optional: EVOH - Oxygen Barrier Aseptic production Gamma Irradiation 15kGy
R-Flex 40ft // Reefer Flexitank