QR Code smart phone application for Liqua Flexitanks and fitting liability insurance

Created for guiding and monitoring the operations

The application not only provides an online guide to the operators but also helps to enhance the quality of the fitting and decrease the number of failures due to operational mistakes. All Liqua products are covered under our product liability insurance, up to USD 5.000,000. Any incident due to manufacturing faults in Liqua products is covered by this policy. Production liability insurance does not cover losses, errors & omissions in the flexitank fitting process. We are introducing an insurance policy developed to cover the fitting liabilities of LiquA flexitank users facilitated by the LiquA QR code application for smart phones.


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Features & Advantages

Provides online guides to operators

Prevents operational mistakes

Collects records for fitting liability insurance

Unique accounts for customers

Easy to use

Provides feedback for improvement when necessary

Technical Information

Compatible for all operating systems

Can be use multiple times

Accessible from computers