T-Flex // T-Flex 53ft - Alternative for tanker trucks

Designed for transportation of bulk liquids
on 53’ dry vans

T-Flex Flexitank + 53ft dry van; Great alternative for tanker trucks
Higher availability anywhere in North America with lower cost
The first and only Monobloc flexitank available for 53’dry vans
Advanced technology with wave breakers converting a 53’ dry van to a tanker truck
Also applicable for reefer trucks, 40ft ISO or reefer containers, 48ft containers and railroad shipments
Certified by TTCI Colorado (USDOT Compliance) 

Features & Advantages

The first and only flexitank applicable for;
53’ dry vans
53’ reefer vans
40ft ISO containers
40ft reefer containers
Easy fitting by two people
Patented, robust, wave breaking design providing a stabilized load
Single use, hygienic transportation. Eliminates the chemical contamination risk compared to tank truck cleaning process

Low Residue
Allows return loads of conventional cargo when liquid is not available or vice versa…
Possibility for economical transportation in remote areas
Avoids delays for obtaining tank trucks due to the imbalance of freight traffic
Maximized payload due to light weight
Environmental Friendly
Carbon Foot Print 40% less than tank trucks due to the availability of return cargo
Easy recycling
Technical Information
3,200 gallons to 6,900 gallons
Bottom Valve
Camlock  2’’ or 3’’
Temperature tolerance:
-58°F / -50°C up to +158°F / +70°C
Multilayer design with wave breakers
Tested and certified by TTCI (an AAR facility) in Colorado
Food approved raw materials
Clean room production
NOT applicable for hazardous cargos
T-Flex // Trailer Flexitank